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Let the questions work

It's been a while since the last post. Hope this one refreshes this page and your team.

One day just out of the blue (like it happens now and then) this kind of activity emerged. By the way, in the month of October 2022 I am ready to facilitate this one completely for free (feedback is the cost) for any team wanting to try this out remotely. Reach out if interested. This is a new experimental one.

So, what is it?

Let the questions work - is a guided team activity that focuses on staying at the questioning realm most of the time and suspending answering till the very end. It is very important not to start answering externally (verbally) early. You can still do it internally (silently) and that is ok. The remote version of the activity is done using MIRO:

First, team members silently fill in content at all four sections individually, then pair up to select one item at each section, then continue to select even less questions in each section. The goal is to achieve 1 question in each section to be answered during the session as a team. What happens next? Depends on questions and answers. It might be that some action has to be taken by the team. In other words, it can be used a retrospective activity too.

Why questions 80% and answers 20% of the time?

Suspending answers early makes us slow down, emerge deeper into the topic, explore and think. Especially, if questions are open, not closed. Answering later, also increases team member mutual understanding and trust because we are asked to listen and understand before giving an answer.

As I mentioned, if interested I can facilitate this for your team.



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