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Different Agile Coach

The most useful from working with Ivo was his flexibility and adaptation to our needs.

Claire Caquot

Ivo’s support is instrumental in taking our agile transformation to next level, including the Business Value definition in a complex global program. Highly recommend his services.

Prasanna Kumar Mamidala

We worked together for almost two years within the IT organization, where Ivo provided advice and coaching for the majority of our teams within development and infrastructure to improve workflow, as well as advising on the recruitment cycle within Human Resources and improving Employer Branding activities. Ivo is a joy to work with and is incredibly passionate about his art. He would make a great asset to any organisation.

Setting up right context of agile way of working and proper training on process set-up as well as individual managerial tooling training (such as Flow, Delegation etc.)

Arturs Pantelis

When Ivo landed, we realized that we were working our Agile initiative using all the cadence-based events, but still 'thinking' waterfall. He paradigm shifted our way of working, explaining how scaled Agile was supposed to work. He guided us with understanding, great patience and interesting, easy-to-comprehend techniques, that made sense to even the ones with 'zero to hero' knowledge. A great coach with an outwardly easy, pleasant personality and an inner, tough, mentoring Agile mindset. I, personally, learnt a lot of super concepts.

Ivo is extremely competent Agile Coach and Scrum Master. He has deep knowledge about Agile and drive to implement Agile transformation in the organisation. It was great to work with him side by side and observe how he manages to improve team performance and cohesion.

Interaction with Ivo was incredibly valuable for me as a growing Scrum Master. We started with Agile Coaching Growth Wheel assessment to understand where I am as a Scrum Master and what would I like to improve next. We defined targets and continued with mentoring sessions where I had an opportunity to dig into my knowledge, share it with Ivo, put on paper and later on try new ways of working with the team.

His way of working and approaching things may seem to be a bit odd and sometimes done by the book, but once you accept it and let him help you, you’re set on the right course. Ivo has this ability you don’t often see in most of us - ability to get your attention, get you interested. Most important thing what I’ve learned from him - you need to be open and sincere in communication with others and what you do, acknowledge the problem and seek for a (joint) solution.

Ivo has the capacity to bring multiple teams together while propagating the values of Agile. He is a professional who maintains discipline while at the same time he brings about a smile on everyone's faces.


I had a wonderful experience with Ivo being my mentor, my coach. He knows exactly how to lead with his exquisite abilities. Our sessions were interesting and fun filled yet adhering to the knowledge strictly. He uses his experience so lucidly in understanding all the concerns I raised and addressed with ease in no time. I really had a great time of understanding agile and scrum under his mentorship and look forward to more endeavors.

My experience spans over a period of more than two decades in roles starting from technical IT end of spectrum till hands on
Scrum Mastering, Agile and Team Coaching since 2013.

I have spent most of my career in international, English speaking business environments mostly in EU and also in US based organizations. More detailed information and feedback about me

in my LinkedIn.

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