Learning is a continuous, natural process of any living system. We all learn from day one of our lives. However, there are specific things that we choose to learn in addition to what happens to us naturally. I call it a lifetime learning and growth journey. Below are some of the highlights from mine.

Formally, I have obtained two Master degrees from Riga Technical University (2003; 2013). Although 'technical' the 2nd degree was more with emphasis on business side of things. This is were I got introduced to Systems Theory & Organizational Behavior which were the most interesting subjects.

As I described in my Story, 2013 was the turning point for me where my learning journey obtained a new speed so to say. I started learning and practicing Scrum, Facilitation, then Kanban and Coaching. Along the way obtained some certifications as well (bottom of the page).

Since 2018, I am actively learning according to the CTC study resources. In addition to that, since spring 2019 attending an international mentoring group for team & organizational coaches. Since July 2020 joined another CTC specific mentoring group to foster my application process.

As to my work experience, feel free to check my LinkedIn profile as it is basically my CV.



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