Hi, my name is Ivo. 

I help improve your

group experience (GX).

After years of being a computer technician & engineer, started to help groups and teams in 2005.

First as a coordinator, team lead, then manager. Ended up being a Scrum Master in 2013, since 2017 growing as an Agile Coach & Group eXperience designer.


My experience spans across software development (IT) & technically minded as well as corporate and leadership groups and teams.

I love my craft and I want to work with You!


what is group experience (GX)?

Group eXperience is what you as a leader or manager or host or Scrum Master, etc. create and your people experience while being part of a group activity. It can be a group conversation, meeting, session, gathering, meetup, you name it that happen daily. And the other name of this is facilitation.

Why is Group eXperience important?

Because how things happen in group activities leaves deep impact on people engagement which is at the basis of a great team, project, department, organization. And it happens daily, not yearly.

It is 2020. Smart phones are there for some time and so do different ways of conversing, meeting, having sessions, gatherings, meetups, you name it. What are Your ways? What are those like?

How I HElp improve your GX?

I help improve your Group eXperience if you are a leader or manager or host or Scrum Master, etc. and if you wish to. The approach is partly rooted in process consulting and includes activities like me observing you in action, us preparing & performing together as well as you observing me in action.


"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

Ernest Hemingway



Ivo Peksens

Serving globally

From Riga, Latvia

+371 26593248

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