Hi, my name is Ivo. 

I help improve your

group experience (GX).

After years of being a computer technician & engineer, started to help groups and teams in 2005.

First as a coordinator, team lead, then manager. Ended up being a Scrum Master in 2013, since 2017 growing as an Agile Coach & Group eXperience designer.


My experience spans across software development (IT) & technically minded as well as corporate and leadership groups and teams.

I love my craft and I want to work with You!


Group experience (GX) - WHY?

Let me start with a short story:

Group manager: I seem to have an issue. When I do regular group meetings with people, they are very silent and I am mostly speaking. They almost never ask questions and it is like a one way communication from me to them. I want to change that.

Ivo (Agile Coach): What would you like your regular group meetings be?

Group manager: I would like people to speak and share and help each other, not report to me. I want them to self-organize and solve their issue by themselves. I have read a lot about the importance of engaged people and it resonates well with me. I have actually once seen you doing a workshop and I want something similar. Can you help me?

Ivo (Agile Coach): Yes, I am more than happy to help you.

And this is how it started. Later I gave it a name - Group eXperience (GX) that someone creates with people. Be it a manager, leader, Scrum Master, be it a work meeting, workshop, gathering - you name it.


Group activities of different kinds have a huge impact on people. To a very large extent actual group experiences influence people engagement - one of the basic drivers of a healthy, striving and great organization.


What is the GX like that you create? What would you like it to be?

WHY work with me?

I have been growing in running engaging meetings, sessions, gatherings since 2013. And I decided to start offering help to people after the above story happened to me early 2019. Creating engaging Group eXperience (GX) also known as Facilitation has been my passion for years and it is also important part of Agile Coach’s daily grind. And last, but not the least - it wouldn't be possible without me continuously learning. 


"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

Ernest Hemingway



Ivo Peksens

Serving globally

From Riga, Latvia

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