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Helping organizations
& teams work
sustainably via balance

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Where to start?

Business Resilience (Continuity):

Balance awareness workshop

with leadership teams.

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Business Agility:

Strategic goals & measures

balance awareness workshop

with leadership teams.

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Team Efficiency:
Team's balance assessment & DevOps cycle retrospective

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Organizations like human bodies are living systems.

Like humans maintain work/life balance to feel better, organizations have to do

similar, but more complex balancing to "feel better" and work sustainably.

The fundamental areas of organization's balance are:

people, marketing & sales, finances, operations

At any point in time all of above require balanced attention & care.

We offer innovative approaches to above from

business resiliency (continuity), business agility

and team efficiency perspectives.

WHy balance with us?

We innovate by

mixing approaches,

techniques and thinking

We rely on approaches

that are based on empiricism,

evidence and complexity

We do what AI cannot:

adapt our leadership,

facilitate & empathize


Intro into adaptive leadership

Certified facilitator training (H2 2023)

Different concepts mini-trainings (with the use of ChatGPT)

Business modelling & simulations guidance

Evidence based management & OKRs guidance

Scrum Master & Agile Coaches hiring guidance

Scrum Team accreditation

Scrum Team guidance & coaching

Non Scrum Team guidance & coaching

Individual growth guidance & coaching

and possibly more when we start talking...


Someone once asked somebody:
What is more important -
the journey or the destination?
That somebody answered:
the company (people, team)!

We are glad to accompany you!

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