Somewhere around mid 90s of the last century, I felt an attraction to computers. It continued at university where I found myself consciously studying not how to program, but how computers work. As knowledge emerged, I soon realized that always a combined (computer hardware and software) performance is what impacts the end user experience.

Related jobs followed and when I moved into a domain where it was about software development using computers rather than supporting computer end users, I soon realized that success is not only determined by how good one is at programming, but also what interaction is like with the other people. It’s always both – technology and psychology.

​After years I got a book called “Finding Your Element” by K.Robinson after I have had seen some of his TED talks. It’s a practical book. While reading it and doing exercises, I soon realized that I am ‘in my element’ when I, put simply, facilitate other people. I was suddenly able to give a common denominator to the most of my professional past. But mainly it gave me the clarity of what I want to do further.

​Since all the time I was around computers that’s where I went on. I started a steep journey towards becoming better at facilitating others, learning and practicing coaching. I started to pay attention to working together, I started to value how rewarding it is to see others succeed in what they are doing together and how important that actually is to the everybody involved. Believe it or not, but soon I became a Scrum Master as that was the perfect fit to what I wanted to do. Although today I am practicing as an Agile Coach also beyond IT, becoming a Scrum Master was a new turning point.

Few years ago, I started my personal website under name where I wanted to show off what I have done, including this story and what's important to me as well as the services that I offer. Special interest is the Group eXperience service (the name Group Experience was coined by me early 2020) which is the latest addition.