Someone once said: 'business is personal again'.

We say: 'this team helper service is personal forever'.

We work with teams, not with whole organizations.

Only so it is possible to retain the personal touch

and be effective in helping teams.

Our approach is systemic: we take a holistic view at team(s)

before we change anything


Your need to be effective as a team is our fuel.

We treat every team with deepest respect and care.

We have got your attention, let us give ours to you.

Choose below how you'd like to proceed:

How we will help?

After having an initial understanding of your needs,

we will proceed with deeper systemic assessments

and few initial workshops to establish a baseline

that will guide our help to your team.

We will not do big bang promotion/pushing of

frameworks, upfront trainings and promises.

We will do small, assessment & evidence based

steps together.

And what else?

  • Helping you build/structure effective teams from the start

  • Framework agnostic Team based Agile transformation approach

  • Scrum Master and Product Owner guidance & mentoring

  • Scrum Master & Product Owner entry level certification
    support all the way till certification

  • Moderation & facilitation

  • Selected topic trainings

  • and possibly more if we talk...

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