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2023: What's new?

First of all, wishing everyone an awesome ending of 2022! As I always do and recommend others - find some time for yourselves to stop and reflect on the last 12 months and think about the next months to come. What would you like to achieve or maybe experience or similar? Having this little more clarity of the nearest future is a calming thing all by itself.

So, what's new from in 2023? What can you expect? Below is a list of new things starting to take place almost right after the new year:

#1 Weekly newsletter or effectiveness message right into your inbox.

There are some many questions that we can ask ourselves and our teams that create thoughts & actions for improvements. We start 2023 with one question per week. Have not yet subscribed to this? You can do it at the bottom of this page or in the Contact section here.

#2 Mid-monthly Agile principle poll on LinkedIn.

There are 12 Agile principles as we know. Every month on the 11th date you will be a able to participate in a poll about one Agile principle. These will be practical polls that we will analyze together one by one at the end of every month in a monthly call (read further).

What this poll is exactly about? Let this stay a small secret for now. Till the 11th of January I invite you to follow my Linkedin profile as the polls will be originating from there if you're interested to notice and participate.

#3 End-monthly call on LinkedIn (Zoom).

Close to the end of every month we will have a monthly call with the following agenda:

  • Review of the 4 effectiveness messages of the current month (see #1 above);

  • Agile principle poll results review (see #2 above);

  • One Team Puzzle huddle.

What is Team Puzzle?

It's any situation or case that is not trivial to solve like a conflict, problem, issue, etc in or with our teams. So the last item on the agenda is to look at someone's real case and help solve it together. Sounds interesting? The calls will be announced soon. To stay notified - follow my my Linkedin profile.

Happy New Year and connecting soon!

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