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Ivo was our Agile Coach for some months. I like how he works, his attitude to people (not as to resources). He inspires people. Big problems become small problems. He can find solutions for various problems using Agile methods. And not only using Agile methods. He is wonderful as a person and able to find contact with a team. Thank you for new knowledge, patience and improving us as persons!
/ Zane Dudare /
Ivo is a gifted and enthusiastic coach with an open mind to any project, department, or team. We worked together for almost two years within the IT organisation of 4finance, where Ivo provided advice and coaching for the majority of our teams within development and infrastructure to improve workflow, as well as advising on the recruitment cycle within Human Resources and improving Employer Branding activities. He is a great speaker also - if you are lucky to attend an event where he is hosting you will see for yourself! Ivo is a joy to work with and is incredibly passionate about his art. He would make a great asset to any organisation.
/ Lisa Pimlett /
Interaction with Ivo was incredibly valuable for me as a growing Scrum Master. We started with Agile Coaching Growth Wheel assessment to understand where I am as a Scrum Master and what would I like to improve next. We defined targets and continued with mentoring sessions where I had an opportunity to dig into my knowledge, share it with Ivo, put on paper and later on try new ways of working with the team. Thanks to Ivo as my mentor, have decided to pass another assessment and eventually have got Professional Scrum Master I Certificate. Worth mentioning is that Ivo has shown him as very experienced Agile Coach who loves what he does. His positive attitude and passion can engage others to jump into Agile world, accept challenges and continue to become better. Ivo never refuses the challenge, is very open in all activities, inspiring and reliable for everyone around, as well as creativity is his incredible characteristic. This experience we have gone through together as Scrum Master and Agile Coach, has inspired me to continue my future career as Scrum Master and accept next challenges. Thank you Ivo for changing people mindset and inspirit them for future success stories.
/Karina Timosenkova/
Mentoring gave me the whole-picture, systemic view, helped understand the root problems, and also gave motivation to try the things which I have known before but due to various reasons didn't implement. Ivo shared good resources for learning and gave useful advises for my growth as Scrum Master.
/Anna Mitrofanova/
Ivo is an agile professional with great skills when it comes to motivate the team and drive change. He has remarkable process facilitation skills and helped me a lot as a temporary Scrum Master for my team.
/Artjoms Spiridonovs/
I’ve known Ivo for a solid few years and got to know him better when he was our delivery team’s Agile Coach. When I first saw Ivo wearing his Agile Coach hat, I was confused, in some way surprised and at the same time felt some denial on the way he approached things. Things changed when he helped our team and the project as a whole to see the mess we were in, assisted to decide what should to be changed, what needs to be purged and how to keep things under control. His way of working and approaching things may seem to be a bit odd and sometimes done by the book, but once you accept it and let him help you, you’re set on the right course. Ivo has this ability you don’t often see in most of us - ability to get your attention, get you interested. Most important thing what I’ve learned from him - you need to be open and sincere in communication with others and what you do, acknowledge the problem and seek for a (joint) solution.
/Armands Sugako/
Ivo is extremely competent Agile Coach and Scrummaster. He has deep knowledge about Agile and drive to implement Agile transformation in the organisation. It was great to work with him side by side and observe how he manages to improve team performance and cohesion.
/Vasilij Savin/
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