Ivo's experience spans over a period of more than the last two decades in roles starting from IT technical end of spectrum till hands on Scrum Mastering and Agile Coaching since 2013.

Ivo's spent most of his career in international, English speaking business environments mostly in EU and also in US based organizations.

More detailed information about Ivo in his LinkedIn.

Below is some key feedback from people Ivo has collaborated as a Scrum Master & Agile Coach:

His way of working and approaching things may seem to be a bit odd and sometimes done by the book, but once you accept it and let him help you, you’re set on the right course. Ivo has this ability you don’t often see in most of us - ability to get your attention, get you interested. Most important thing what I’ve learned from him - you need to be open and sincere in communication with others and what you do, acknowledge the problem and seek for a (joint) solution.


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