No advice circle

What is it?


  • A facilitated group/team session.

  • Based on mentoring & coaching and done in a group setting.

  • Aim is to help one another w/o giving advice or instruction.

  • Aim is to learn helping one another in a brain-friendly way.

For who?


Primarily for Scrum Master Communities of Practice, but can be also applied

to any group/team working together. Can be also applied to leadership teams.

Why would a group/team do it?

To explore more effective, brain-friendly way of helping one another. Giving advice if not asked, is harmful to most of people from neuroscience perspective, therefore in this activity giving advice is suppressed by using other, more advanced techniques.

Prerequisites ?

People participating have to have challenges they are ready to share, hunger to help and learn with/from others.

Interested? Let's talk!